Advice for First Time Visitors to Japan

Advice for First Time Visitors to Japan

There are many different countries which are most enjoyable to visit either for work or pleasure, and Japan is one of them. However, there is a different culture here, and for one to make the most of their visit, there are a few things that they can do to enhance this.

Upon Arrival

The Tokyo train system is a very proficient one, but somewhat complex. If the trip to Japan has been a long one, no doubt the traveller will be tired upon arrival. It is better to pre-book transportation from the airport to the hotel, rather than having to decipher the train system.

The Right Internet Resources

Access to the internet is easy in Japan and can be a valuable resource while staying there. Accessing the right support to help while in Japan is easy. Some suggestions are:

  • Google translation: Make sure your mobile device is set to translate Japanese websites for you. This way, you will be able to gather the information which you can understand much quicker.
  • Look for apps that are Japan-specific. Such as the HyperDia app. It can provide you with a wealth of information for navigating around Japan.

The Cuisine

You are in for a wonderful experience when it comes to the food fare of Japan. However, you want to have some idea of what your options are. Doing some research about the most common foods consumed here will give you a good start when you are looking at a menu.

The Timing

Making the decision as to the time of year to visit Japan will be based on personal needs and preference. Being prepared for the weather conditions will eliminate any surprises. Summer is the typhoon season, and the weather tends to be wet and hot. Winter can be cold, and snow is not unlikely. Autumn and spring are both transition seasons and are equally as beautiful.