Search Engines in Japan

Search Engines in Japan

The two most popular search engines in Japan are Google and Yahoo. Contrary to the belief of many all search engines are not the same.


Google has a very distinct approach that those who are online in Japan recognize for the most part. Their mandate is on the organization of data to make it accessible worldwide. Japan has an economy that stands third in the world so business presence is important here. Google targets the entire world. This is good for many businesses but for a good number of its users’ global coverage is not necessary.

They want to put more focus on their country and region. Google made its presence known in 2000 and was well-received because it had a simple design but its algorithm was advanced.


Yahoo. Japan has many of the same basic concepts as what Google does but there are also some differences. This is what creates different user experiences between these two most popular search engines. Yahoo. Japan puts a heavy emphasis on updating the lives of its users by providing information technology.

Yahoo.Japan was developed in 1996. This was following its becoming established in the United States the prior year. It was well aware of the competition it faced from Google. The approach that was taken was significant in 2010 when Yahoo. Japan implemented the Google algorithms, which allowed it to scale up its ability to provide organic results.

Search Behavior

Both search engines have stayed on par with each other when it comes to mobile use. In regards to keyword rankings, there are some differences. Yahoo. Japan has its own navigation platforms that will allow for many common searches to be completed with one click. This is a little more difficult when it comes to Google.

For common keyword terms, the rankings for them may differ slightly on both of these search engines.