Differences in Business Approaches Between Japan and UK

Differences in Business Approaches Between Japan and UK

Countries have to work together if they want their respective businesses to thrive. Each one will have their own approach to business. Meeting on a common ground can be a challenge but not impossible. When it comes to Japan and the UK there have been several differences that they have each identified about the other.

What Has Japan Identified?

General consensus is that the business sector of Japan recognizes some of the weaknesses that they feel are present in the UK such as:

  • That everyone wants to the opportunity to speak in meetings even if they don’t have anything significant to contribute.
  • Business owners tend to prioritize their private life above their companies.
  • They may say no but they don’t really mean it.
  • Conclusions are reached and decisions made before enough data is available

Meetings are not prepared for and nobody is qualified to provide informed answers.

  • Details are not important and not enough attention is paid to them.

What Has The UK Identified?

Likewise, the business sector of the UK has taken notice of what they feel the weaknesses are in Japan, such as:

  • Show up at meetings after already coming to a decision.
  • Tardy at making decisions.
  • Fixated on details.
  • Will not change their minds once they have reached a decision.
  • Put their businesses ahead of their personal lives.
  • Say yes but don’t mean it.
  • Don’t verbally participate in meetings.

These are all important points but what is so intriguing is they are based on opposites within the same weaknesses. At the very least each side fully understands the topic of each of them, which gives them a good starting point for finding some common ground where they can meet in the middle.

With the proper guidance and reliance on professionals, each item can be addressed in an effective manner that can help to close the gap between the business industries of each country.